17 February 2010


Source: Jack Cards

Have you ever missed that deadline to send the perfect card for an important birthday?  An anniversary?  I know I have and it is not a good feeling.  Well now you can remember every important date...with a little help from Jack Cards that is.  Jack Cards is this genius company, started by two friends, for busy people like you and me. 

Do you love sending cards to family and friends?  Do you know the impact that hand writing them has?  Then this is the company for you.  Here's how it works.  You can go online to www.jackcards.com and set up an account, membership is free.  Then you just add your contacts, addresses, and don't forget those important dates and let the magic begin.  

The magic goes something like this.  You look through some wonderfully designed cards (they are loaded with style) and choose your favorites for your favorite people.  You will then be sent an addressed and stamped(yipee) envelope and your hand-picked card.  Lastly, add your penmanship and pop it in the mail just in time.  I mean it seems too easy right?  Well since Jack's got your back you can look like the super-organized, multi-tasking, superstar that you are.  That's what I call hitting the jackpot.  

Source: Jack Cards 

Source: Jack Cards

08 February 2010

All you need is love

 Just want to share a couple things I am loving right now.

Missoni Scarf
Source: Forward by Revolve

Source: Shopbop

High waist pencil skirt 
by one of my faves, rag and bone
Source: Forward by Revolve
A pretty amazing "right-hand" ring by Iosselliani
 Source: Iosselliani

Willow silk top

Source: Net-a-Porter.com

A lovely sparkly necklace by Madewell
Source: Shopbop
Happy Valentine's Day all!!

p.s. You can click on any image to take you directly to a site to purchase.