24 November 2009

Baby its cold outside...

 ... so lets cover up those kiddo's heads with some of the most stylish hats on the market.  Short Hat Company is "headwear for modern youth".  You are going to love these hats!!  They are super stylish,  and I promise there will be at least one that you fall in love with.  And right now, for all my loyal readers, you can receive 10% off your order by using coupon code Stylenook10% at checkout until February.  Here are just a few of the hats that they have to offer.

Short Hat Company is a family owned business that was started with the birth of their son and in search of the perfect hat.  While they came across hats that were functional, most were lacking style.  Style is definitely not lacking in their designs.  Comfort is also a huge priority because they realize that our little ones are picky customers.  All their knit hats are handmade in Argentina of only the softest yarns.  This should keep those noggins super comfy and toasty.   So mommies, daddies, aunts, uncles,  grandparents, etc, etc, let's get our head on straight and "cap" our munchkins in style.

18 November 2009

Sole Mate

Did I mention I have an obsession for shoes?  I have found a new "sole mate" and his name is Matt Bernson (click here for website).  I am in love with his shoes.  These are new for fall and they are TDF ("to die for" for all you non-acronym junkies).

These are called the Vesper and they are right up my alley.  I think they will spice up any fall outfit.  They have great details and style that will stand the test of time.  I see them in my wardrobe for years to come(hint, hint honey). 

Matt Bernson is also very well known for his sandals(two styles shown here are KM Gladiator and Nouer III).  I know it is winter but spring will be here before you know it.  So why not start coveting these now?

Matt is an ex-construction worker who is based in Tribeca.  Can I get a whoot whoooo(insert construction worker whistle)? I sure am glad that he decided to make the move from construction to designing gorgeous shoes.  All his shoes are handmade in an artisanal workshop in Brazil.  His designs exude style and are never trendy... so let's take his advice, buy his shoes, and

16 November 2009

Give style this season

5% Off Holiday Photo CardsFor my very first "formal post" I want to start with a new favorite website that's all about paper and design.  Minted is an online stationery store that offers not only stationery but invitations and much more.  They truly have "the freshest designs on paper".

The holidays are right around the corner and I bet you are searching for that perfect holiday card.  Well search no further because you can find them at Minted.   And right now you can save 5% if you just click on the logo and include the promo code.

I really LOVE this site!! They have gorgeous designs from designers all over the world, they pride themselves on quality, and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Minted offers unique ideas beyond the normal photo card like yearline and minibook cards.  Yearline is a fresh way to tell the story of your year in a card.  And the minibook allows you to add 3 to 6 pictures.  If you are indecisive like me and think all those pictures of your little munchkin are perfect, then this is the card for you.  They are both so great!!  And they do not stop at holiday cards.  Oh no, they are also offering some fabulous save the dates, wedding invites, baby announcements, party invites, moving announcements, etc.  The list goes on and on.

So do yourself a favor and check them out.  Because don't you want to give style this season?  I know I do!

07 November 2009


... to a little nook in the blog world that's all about style.
I have been wanting to do this for a long time and its finally HERE!  I've had a life long love for fashion and I truly enjoy sharing things that I find in the market.  I have recently become a mommy and not only am I on top of what is out there for us, but our little ones too.  And let me tell ya, there is so much out there!! 

So, who am I you ask, and why should you listen to me rant about what I love?
I am a home grown fashionista who, after years of Catholic school uniforms - aka "peter pan" collars and plaid jumpers - and growing up in a small town, learned that in order to be fashionable I would either have to be creative or look elsewhere.  This is when my style identity was born.  High school prom is a time when girls go out looking for the perfect dress.  In my tiny, conservative, southern town, my "perfect dress" did not exist.  So I designed my own prom dress and had a local seamstress create my vision.  What was my vision you wonder? It was the perfect little black dress that was not complete without a pair of knee high platform boots from NYC (this was after much begging and pleading with my parents of course).  I was and continue to be the kind of girl who refuses to conform and always wears clothes that speak of who I am.  This ultimately allowed my creative spirit and knack for fashion to bloom.  Most of my working years were spent in the retail industry in such avenues as retail sales, management, buying, and visual merchandising.  These experiences allowed me to keep up with trends, learn about the inner-workings of the fashion industry, learn from other talented professionals, and develop a keen eye for putting looks together.  As an English major in college, finally my love for fashion and writing come together to create this blog.

And here starts my rant.  I have an obsession for shoes and bags, I love all things home, I crave beauty products, I cannot walk past a paper store with out going in, I cannot resist cute baby things (i mean who can?), and I live for the latest fashions.

So enough about me.  Style Nook promises to bring lots of fabulous finds such as fun websites, product links, deals, etc, and share some of the little things I love.
Hope you love 'em too.