24 November 2009

Baby its cold outside...

 ... so lets cover up those kiddo's heads with some of the most stylish hats on the market.  Short Hat Company is "headwear for modern youth".  You are going to love these hats!!  They are super stylish,  and I promise there will be at least one that you fall in love with.  And right now, for all my loyal readers, you can receive 10% off your order by using coupon code Stylenook10% at checkout until February.  Here are just a few of the hats that they have to offer.

Short Hat Company is a family owned business that was started with the birth of their son and in search of the perfect hat.  While they came across hats that were functional, most were lacking style.  Style is definitely not lacking in their designs.  Comfort is also a huge priority because they realize that our little ones are picky customers.  All their knit hats are handmade in Argentina of only the softest yarns.  This should keep those noggins super comfy and toasty.   So mommies, daddies, aunts, uncles,  grandparents, etc, etc, let's get our head on straight and "cap" our munchkins in style.


  1. Cool! We got the two-toned purple one with the ear flaps and the pom pom on top. SO cute.

  2. how fun that we get a discount for reading this blog! love the hats. I am going to look right now!

  3. Margaret this site is amazing! I can't wait to keep checking it out! I just found it from Sunday's blog. I'm so glad she posted it!!!

    Might have to give one of these little caps as a gift because they are adorable, but seriously, those shoes! Oh my goodness I wish I could splurge right now because I really do think they belong to me!

    Can't wait to see more treasures!

  4. Can only say that I am way bummed because my children have gargantuan heads.