07 December 2009

My dream Christmas List

This Christmas,

I dream of perfectly structured jackets from...

Mackage is a brand that I have loved for years and years.  These jackets are amazing but a bit pricey.  That's why I'm calling this my dream list, right?  Check out the details...so awesome!!

The TRIXIE is one of my favorites.  I love the neck, the puff sleeves, and the leather detailing.  It will set you back a pretty penny at $590, well maybe a lot of pretty pennies. 

Ahh, the PENELOPE.  Great jacket, great name, great niece.  I LOVE the collar on this jacket.  For those of you who know me, you know I love scarfs, high collars, etc.  This jacket is so yummy, I LOVE it!!

I dream of fun, fabulous rings that are one of a kind...

Megan Greene Jewelry (formerly magpie) creates truly unique rings.  Don't you just love these?  You can find these lovely rings at COUTURE CANDY

I dream of the perfect legging and cozy tops...

Mike & Chris has just that.  Check out these leggings with a built in ruched skirt.  So cute.  Add an easy top and cute flats and you are set.  I love Mike & Chris hoodies and jackets too.  They have a casual feel with a stylish twist that is a step above that plain old sweatshirt from college.  


I dream of Christian....

Christian Louboutin that is.  

Need I say more?

I dream of that perfect bag...

Diane von Furstenberg clutches?

Kooba totes and shoulder bags?

Just too many perfect bags to choose just one.  So since this is my dream list I will just take one of each! Or maybe 2 of each so that I can give one away...in the spirit of Christmas.

I dream of tall leather boots...

the Frye Carson Riding Boot

Modern Vintage Wylie Boot

I could go on and and on... boots are a slight obsession of mine.

Whew....Ok that's it I think.
Thanks for taking a glimpse into my dreams of high style.
What's on your dream list this year?  


  1. Ok. Get your brother to buy me this list!! hhahah. Best post yet. LOVE the leggings and rings and bags...but all is FAB! xoxoxo

  2. Yes I will take one of each please! Love all of it!

  3. Awesome, marga! And this is coming from your extremely style-challenged older sis. I live for these blog posts!

  4. i dream of Christian too!!! I I could buy one pair of shoes it would be from that line. I also LOVE the penelope coat. I want that so bad!!!!! Love all of the list. I want a Michael Kors watch or Toy watch. MK is on my real Christmas list. We'll see.....

  5. Oh you got me dreaming too! Love it all those leggings look so fun! l'm off to go find a million bucks to make your dreams come true!

  6. The Penelope coat and Via Spiga boots!!! Please please say I'll wake up Christmas morning with both of those in my closet! (maybe I'll have to squint and imagine they are truly there...oh a girl can dream...)

  7. Dreaming of a Chanel J12 and trying not to think about all of the countries that watch could feed.