11 November 2011

Oh Baby!

We are in full blown baby prep!  It has been a whirlwind around here getting ready for our sweet baby girl who is due on Christmas Eve.  With getting a big boy room ready, moving our room downstairs, and getting the nursery ready, I have to say I am exhausted.  And with only a little over 6 weeks to go, there is still lots to do.  We are so excited and cannot wait to welcome our little girl into the family.  I have always LOVED girl clothes and was so excited to have the opportunity to outfit a mini me.  And boy are there are some pretty sweet things out there in clothes and beyond. 
Here's what I'm loving for our newest addition...

Photo Credit: Zara

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit:Smallable

Photo Credit: BHLDN

Photo Credit: Old Navy

Photo Credit: Aden+Anais 

Photo Credit: Sparkle Power

Photo Credit: Smallable

Happy Friday everyone!!

07 September 2011

Double the Love

It has been a wonderful and full summer.  And with that my blog has been a little neglected, sorry about that!  It seems that the summer in our family means lots and lots of travel and then when the cooler weather hits, we tend to hunker down a bit.  Maybe that is another reason Fall is my favorite season!  

I just wanted to share a little something I am loving right now.  Since we have our second baby due this December, I thought this was so special and just perfect.  

Photo Credit:Lulu Frost

Take a peek here and see if there is one that is perfect for you too!
Until next time... 

25 July 2011

Cool Cover

I am a stickler about sunscreen and I am happy to report that we got back from the beach with no sunburns....hooray!  I am LOVING these gorgeous sombrillas (sun shades) from Hollie & Harrie.  They are perfect for the beach or even for the backyard.  What a fun place for kiddos, or anyone really, to spend some time in the shade!

*All photos credited to Hollie & Harrie*
*Click on any image to purchase*

Aren't they great?   Wanna see more?  Check them out here.   

25 June 2011

Flat out Fabulous

  With summer comes a wardrobe full of flats for this girl. 
Here are some of my favorites right now!

Photo Credit: Shopbop

Lanvin Metallic Cracked Sneakers
Photo Credit: Net-a-Porter

Zara Sandal with Jewels & Chain
Photo Credit: Zara

Photo Credit: Topshop

Off to the beach for 2 weeks for the family!!  
Happy Summer Style Nookers!

09 June 2011

Make a Statement

I love good jewelry.  Not necessarily super expensive jewelry (except maybe that diamond band from the hubs :)) but awesome pieces that complete an outfit, or heck even make an outfit.  Sometimes that plain LBD needs a little something extra to spice it up.  Or maybe your standard white shirt and denim just aren't cutting it.  Here is a jewelry line that has so much to offer, and here are a couple of my faves that will definitely make a statement.

*All photos credited to Lauren Elan*
*Click on any image to purchase*

Check them out here and tell me, what are your favorites?
Happy Thursday Style Nookers!

26 May 2011

Spread the Love

Have you ever been so inspired by something that you just have to tell people about it?  Well I guess that is pretty much what Style Nook is.  So once again I have something really special to share with you and hope you will love it as much as I do.  There is this amazing local online magazine that is stylish, beautifully designed, and downright inspiring.  Are you getting excited?  Well good, you should be! 

 When two friends were sharing a 5 hour layover in the airport they were people watching, naturally.  And they realized that people are beautiful!  Not just models in Vogue and InStyle, but real people like you and me.  And their simple but brilliant idea was born.  DOCICA was born.  DOCICA (doce + chica) is an online magazine that will feature 12 women this year, 1 each month.  They believe that we can find inspiration in the women who make up our everyday, that these women are beautiful.  And I say, absolutely!  Here is their creed:
"We at DOCICA will always portray the real woman-- the one who is living life full and loving well.  May she be inspiration enough.  And may we always find her beautiful."
Alright people, get ready to be inspired!

Here are the two lovely ladies (aka masterminds) behind the magazine!
 Their first issue (check it out here) seemed about as good as it gets but I KNOW there is so much more amazing to come from them.  I am just so excited about this magazine and needed to spread the love to you, my readers.  Are you ready to see more?  I thought you might be!  Check out their website here (don't forget to subscribe), like them on facebook here, follow them on twitter here.  You will not be disappointed!  And I hope you will spread the love too.  Because remember... 

*All photos credited to DOCICA*

23 May 2011

Summer Staple

When I think of summer, I think of the beach, sun, sand, and then I think of espadrilles.  I am a huge fan.  But sometimes it seems hard to find classic, well made, and beautiful ones.  Well not any longer.  Enter the company Soludos.   Soludos was started by Nick Brown simply because he could not find this staple from his childhood in his new home in NYC.  "Determined to show them that life exists beyond the flip flop, he set out to design and source the perfect accessory for a summer of fun and friends.  Combining the clink of a glass ‘Salud’ and the heat of the sun ‘sol’, Soludos was born."

*All photos credited to Soludos*
*Click on any image to purchase*
Don't these look like the most comfortable summer shoe?  I love their simplicity and am drawn to the pattern and stripes.  Oh and I almost forgot, they are $28 or less.  How about that for a great deal!  So take a peek here and choose your favorite.  Or maybe two or three!

28 April 2011

Linen Love

I love a beach vacation as much as the next person but one of my pet peeves is those huge terry cloth beach towels that never seem to dry no matter how long they hang on the line.  There is a solution, a very lovely one at that!  Deck Towel is a company that makes linen beach towels in NYC from linen sourced around the world.  These towels are lightweight, don't hold odor or sand, and dry fast!  Oh and they are machine washable and get softer every time you use them.  Yep I am definitely sold!


*All photos credited to Deck Towel*
*Click on any image to purchase*
You could also use these as a picnic blanket, a sarong, a throw, a tablecloth.  The possibilities are endless.  And think about how much space you will save in your suitcase.  
I LOVE these versatile beauties and hope you do too!

21 April 2011

I Can Sea Clearly Now

I was introduced to Sea New York a couple weeks ago by a dear friend and I am so thankful.  These clothes are amazing.  They are simple yet modern and have an understated elegance.  I so badly want to revamp my entire closet with these pieces.  Are you getting excited?  Well I am very excited to share them with you.  Here are some of my faves from the Spring collection.  Enjoy!  I have a feeling you will!

A tiny airplane print on this gorgeous shirt dress...yes please!

Loving this super chic romper

Oh how I adore this dress.  Such a flattering waist and hemline!

I am a huge fan of tunics!  And this one has mesh at the shoulder.  
So unexpected and so perfect!

More tiny airplanes and gorgeous shorts.

Love the texture and modern fit of this dress.

This might just be the only maxi dress you need

*All photos credited to Sea New York*
*Click on any image above to go directly to website*

Oh my there is so much more to love!!  If you are wanting to purchase, there is a limited selection online here at Barneys.  You can also check Sea New York's website here to see if they sell in your area.  Go ahead, take a peek and Sea what you can't live without!

12 April 2011

Beyond the Basics

When I first came across the company
  I loved their super comfy and stylish basics for the little ones.

*All photos credited to Ever/After*
*Click on any image to purchase*

Then I read their story, and I was completely hooked.   Their story is this.  Ever/After will donate 25% of the net profit from each garment you buy.  They have partnered with specific charities that share their vision in helping children in need.  And they believe that helping others can extend to the clothing we buy.  How is that for a happily ever after?  So check them out here, buy some great clothes, choose a cause, and help "change the story".