28 April 2011

Linen Love

I love a beach vacation as much as the next person but one of my pet peeves is those huge terry cloth beach towels that never seem to dry no matter how long they hang on the line.  There is a solution, a very lovely one at that!  Deck Towel is a company that makes linen beach towels in NYC from linen sourced around the world.  These towels are lightweight, don't hold odor or sand, and dry fast!  Oh and they are machine washable and get softer every time you use them.  Yep I am definitely sold!


*All photos credited to Deck Towel*
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You could also use these as a picnic blanket, a sarong, a throw, a tablecloth.  The possibilities are endless.  And think about how much space you will save in your suitcase.  
I LOVE these versatile beauties and hope you do too!


  1. I really want one of these! Such a great idea Margaret! (actually, I want several)

  2. WOW! Just got back from the beach and I'm wishing I'd known about those!

  3. These are perfect for our boat! I bet they will actually dry in the NC humidity. : )