28 April 2011

Linen Love

I love a beach vacation as much as the next person but one of my pet peeves is those huge terry cloth beach towels that never seem to dry no matter how long they hang on the line.  There is a solution, a very lovely one at that!  Deck Towel is a company that makes linen beach towels in NYC from linen sourced around the world.  These towels are lightweight, don't hold odor or sand, and dry fast!  Oh and they are machine washable and get softer every time you use them.  Yep I am definitely sold!


*All photos credited to Deck Towel*
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You could also use these as a picnic blanket, a sarong, a throw, a tablecloth.  The possibilities are endless.  And think about how much space you will save in your suitcase.  
I LOVE these versatile beauties and hope you do too!

21 April 2011

I Can Sea Clearly Now

I was introduced to Sea New York a couple weeks ago by a dear friend and I am so thankful.  These clothes are amazing.  They are simple yet modern and have an understated elegance.  I so badly want to revamp my entire closet with these pieces.  Are you getting excited?  Well I am very excited to share them with you.  Here are some of my faves from the Spring collection.  Enjoy!  I have a feeling you will!

A tiny airplane print on this gorgeous shirt dress...yes please!

Loving this super chic romper

Oh how I adore this dress.  Such a flattering waist and hemline!

I am a huge fan of tunics!  And this one has mesh at the shoulder.  
So unexpected and so perfect!

More tiny airplanes and gorgeous shorts.

Love the texture and modern fit of this dress.

This might just be the only maxi dress you need

*All photos credited to Sea New York*
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Oh my there is so much more to love!!  If you are wanting to purchase, there is a limited selection online here at Barneys.  You can also check Sea New York's website here to see if they sell in your area.  Go ahead, take a peek and Sea what you can't live without!

12 April 2011

Beyond the Basics

When I first came across the company
  I loved their super comfy and stylish basics for the little ones.

*All photos credited to Ever/After*
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Then I read their story, and I was completely hooked.   Their story is this.  Ever/After will donate 25% of the net profit from each garment you buy.  They have partnered with specific charities that share their vision in helping children in need.  And they believe that helping others can extend to the clothing we buy.  How is that for a happily ever after?  So check them out here, buy some great clothes, choose a cause, and help "change the story". 

05 April 2011


I love my yoga studio (and if you are in the Asheville area, you should check it out too)!  It is a place where I get to go and focus on ME for 90 whole minutes.  No little guy saying, "mama, mama, mama", no dishes to do, no house to clean, no yard work, no blog post to write.  I get to focus on myself and my breath.   Although Bikram yoga is no joke, it is a much needed and nice break from the daily routine.  
But I must admit that I do not have the cutest yoga clothes.  And there are so many amazing companies out there making great clothes.  
OK, must get on that!  
Here are some of the gorge things I wish I was wearing to class...

 Photo Credit: Athleta

OmGirl | Photo Credit: Evolve Fit Gear

Soybu | Photo Credit: Evolve Fit Wear

 Photo Credit: i am BEYOND

Photo Credit: Lululemon

OMgirl | Photo Credit: Vickery

Happy Tuesday Style Nookers!