05 April 2011


I love my yoga studio (and if you are in the Asheville area, you should check it out too)!  It is a place where I get to go and focus on ME for 90 whole minutes.  No little guy saying, "mama, mama, mama", no dishes to do, no house to clean, no yard work, no blog post to write.  I get to focus on myself and my breath.   Although Bikram yoga is no joke, it is a much needed and nice break from the daily routine.  
But I must admit that I do not have the cutest yoga clothes.  And there are so many amazing companies out there making great clothes.  
OK, must get on that!  
Here are some of the gorge things I wish I was wearing to class...

 Photo Credit: Athleta

OmGirl | Photo Credit: Evolve Fit Gear

Soybu | Photo Credit: Evolve Fit Wear

 Photo Credit: i am BEYOND

Photo Credit: Lululemon

OMgirl | Photo Credit: Vickery

Happy Tuesday Style Nookers!



  1. I'm with Sunday and I also like those blue ones alot! In fact I wish I was wearing them now!

  2. really love your blog!!
    it´s great!

    follow u honey

  3. Amazing post,love it!!!Thanks for sharing!

  4. The last one makes me want to workout to get a fab body and then I would wear them always!!!