26 May 2011

Spread the Love

Have you ever been so inspired by something that you just have to tell people about it?  Well I guess that is pretty much what Style Nook is.  So once again I have something really special to share with you and hope you will love it as much as I do.  There is this amazing local online magazine that is stylish, beautifully designed, and downright inspiring.  Are you getting excited?  Well good, you should be! 

 When two friends were sharing a 5 hour layover in the airport they were people watching, naturally.  And they realized that people are beautiful!  Not just models in Vogue and InStyle, but real people like you and me.  And their simple but brilliant idea was born.  DOCICA was born.  DOCICA (doce + chica) is an online magazine that will feature 12 women this year, 1 each month.  They believe that we can find inspiration in the women who make up our everyday, that these women are beautiful.  And I say, absolutely!  Here is their creed:
"We at DOCICA will always portray the real woman-- the one who is living life full and loving well.  May she be inspiration enough.  And may we always find her beautiful."
Alright people, get ready to be inspired!

Here are the two lovely ladies (aka masterminds) behind the magazine!
 Their first issue (check it out here) seemed about as good as it gets but I KNOW there is so much more amazing to come from them.  I am just so excited about this magazine and needed to spread the love to you, my readers.  Are you ready to see more?  I thought you might be!  Check out their website here (don't forget to subscribe), like them on facebook here, follow them on twitter here.  You will not be disappointed!  And I hope you will spread the love too.  Because remember... 

*All photos credited to DOCICA*


  1. What a great blog post!!! Love it and love Docica. I am just blown away by Melissa and Jen and all they are doing. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Margaret...we are totally blushing! You are just too kind and since we L-O-V-E your style as well...it means so much. Thanks for passing DOCICA on.

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  4. Thank you Margaret, We are beyond humbled by this post. You are such a talent, it's incredible to know you love what we are doing as well. We can't wait to bring you and your exquisite style in on something fun in the future. Love Style Nook as always!!!! Thanks for the love and it definitely goes both ways...you inspire us as well. ~ Jen