18 November 2009

Sole Mate

Did I mention I have an obsession for shoes?  I have found a new "sole mate" and his name is Matt Bernson (click here for website).  I am in love with his shoes.  These are new for fall and they are TDF ("to die for" for all you non-acronym junkies).

These are called the Vesper and they are right up my alley.  I think they will spice up any fall outfit.  They have great details and style that will stand the test of time.  I see them in my wardrobe for years to come(hint, hint honey). 

Matt Bernson is also very well known for his sandals(two styles shown here are KM Gladiator and Nouer III).  I know it is winter but spring will be here before you know it.  So why not start coveting these now?

Matt is an ex-construction worker who is based in Tribeca.  Can I get a whoot whoooo(insert construction worker whistle)? I sure am glad that he decided to make the move from construction to designing gorgeous shoes.  All his shoes are handmade in an artisanal workshop in Brazil.  His designs exude style and are never trendy... so let's take his advice, buy his shoes, and


  1. love the fall shoe you posted. Any chance he has a website?

  2. sorry I did not specify but if you click on his name where it is red on his Live Beyond Trend logo, it will take you to his website. glad you love them ;)

  3. Oh cute! I think I want you to post everyday! I am really enjoying this!

  4. Ooh those first ones are beautiful! Hope Matt checks your blog. :) I love the descriptions on his website, funny and unexpected. I guess like an ex-construction worker shoe designer should be.

  5. Love that he is an ex carpenter, not if only I could get Worth into this business!! love this blog!