31 January 2010

Simply Wanderful

In the bitter end of January I find myself dreaming of all things spring.  Oh how I wish for warm sun, sandals, simple sundresses, and effortless dressing.  Well I came across a site called Wanderlust (you thought I had a typo in the title didn't you?).  It is all these things and more.  The owner, Elizabeth Kiester, left her high power job in New York, moved to Cambodia, and opened an adorable boutique called

This is Elizabeth's story in her own words...
"girl lives in new york. girl loves fashion, color, art, 5 inch heels and travel. oh yes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. girl works at big fashion mags and later, huge global fashion design companies. girl travels around the world in search of the cool and the new....
...girl resolves to open a shop someday in some cool place that carries only clothes that speak a global language, stuff that translates everywhere and anywhere. girl goes to cambodia, and falls in love. falls in love with the country, the beautiful faces, the charming french colonial houses of siem reap; she is head over 5" stiletto heels with the colors of this country, the smell of lemongrass, the sunset warming the verdant rice paddies, the yves-klein-blue shade of the sky. girl goes back to new york, ditches her job, sells her furniture, packs a few inappropriate but necessary heels, and heads back to the allure of siem reap, cambodia...
...and the result is wanderlust, a lifestyle concept dedicated to giving girls gorgeousness, beautiful things handmade by the beautiful people of this beautiful country, beauty that easily translates to budapest, boston, battambang, bolivia, brighton or any beautiful place they call home."

I love her story and am so glad that Elizabeth decided to follow her dreams.  Her products speak of the country and to me they are so simple and so effortlessly stylish.  Here are a few of my favorite dresses from her site.  They are all under $80.  How great is that?

The accessories are a must have too and these prices are unreal.

So check out her site and wander around a bit.
I am positive you will find something you love.   


  1. Oh you have me dreaming of spring! I am totally going to check out that site! glad I checked out yours too!

  2. I have been in Spring mode for almost all of January! I know, a little unrealistic. It kills me when we have the 60 degree days and then 8 inches of snow. I love her website, though. It definitely made me long for warm weather even more. It's so reasonable, too!

  3. This makes me want spring to happen now!! SO cute and you're right -- good prices!

  4. So after this post I ordered the red hobo bag! It came last night, and it is really awesome! It is amazing quality and can fit everything I would ever need in it, and a few things I don't need! I'm ready for spring now!!!