08 June 2010

Style that lasts a lifetime

I got married 5 years ago and one of the most important things to me were my pictures.  I wanted a photographer that told a story through their images.  I wanted mostly candid, not staged.  I wanted the real deal.  Because I knew that these would be my snippets of the big day, my catches of smiles or tears, my memories.  These pictures tell the story of our love.  They document our families and friends that shared that amazing day with us. 

I am so happy to share a photographer that brings all these things.  Her name is Sunday Grant and she is well, amazing.  Sunday feels that you must "document your life".  I have to agree.  Please take a peek at some of her work, I am sure you will be pleased.

 All Photos Copyright: Sunday Grant Photography

Based in beautiful Black Mountain, NC, Sunday is an experienced photographer that takes pictures of life as it happens.  We're not talking your average staged shot, but a more candid approach with real emotion.  Sunday has a love for weddings, and feels lucky to share in such a personal day.  She also specializes in shoots with children and family in a natural setting.  But no matter what the occasion, Sunday will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, while using a photojournalistic approach to tell your story through her photographs.  So check her out, book your session, and document your life with style that truly lasts a lifetime.


  1. What a wonderful surprise!!!! Thank you so much!

  2. If her business was open when I got married I would have used her for sure! And I really wish that was the case cause she kicks my photographers butt.

  3. Mine too!!! Sunday is amazing and shot two of my most favorite peoples weddings. The pictures were amazingly perfect.....

  4. Sunday is an amazing photographer, and a real inspiration!