11 August 2010

Labels of Love

Alright mommas and poppas, it's that time again.  Our little ones are heading back to school and I am guessing you are starting to get organized.  I have got a website that will help you not only with that, but will also ensure that all those school supplies come home with your child.  My brother told me about this company, Mabel's Labels, and I am so glad he did.   It is awesome.  They have labels for absolutely anything you can think of and they are super cute!!  Check it out...

Sticky Labels can be used on a ton of different things, bottles, pencils, cups, etc.  And they are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Now that is something to love! 

Clothing Labels are great for camp, or when loaning those newborn clothes out to your besties.  They offer both iron-ons and tag labels that adhere to almost any fabric, and are laundry safe.  No more magic marker initials for you.  They also have shoe labels that are waterproof and extra tough.  

Don't have kids?  They have tons of organizational Household Labels for you too.  Need to organize your pantry?  Can't remember what cord goes to what?  Not sure when you put that meat in the freezer?  Is your attic in dire straits of an overhaul?  Not to worry, Mabel's Labels has got you covered. 

There are endless possibilities with these labels.  Ready to get organized?  Ready to send those kiddos back to school with cute labels that will actually stay on?  Then just click on the logo below and label the things you love. 


  1. oh my goodness! love it! i am pretty sure I will be getting some for BellaRose and she will adore them. Thanks for always sharing.

  2. We loved the ones we got Pen for camp this year...