07 January 2011


Do you love all things vintage?  Are you in search of unique things?  Do you want pretty things without spending a fortune?
Yes?  Well then Spool No. 72 is for you!

This company is a mother and two daughter team located in the grasslands of eastern Washington State.  They are inspired by their surroundings and by prints of the past.  You can really tell that everything is carefully selected.  They have gorgeous pieces, and the prices are out of this world.  In a good way!!  I was so inspired when I saw this website.  The clothes and accessories are wonderful, a family followed their dreams, and the result is beautiful.
Are you ready?  Let's take a peek!

Are you in love yet?  They carry true vintage pieces on their site too.  But since they are one of a kind, they go fast.  Here are a couple of their vintage items I am loving right now!

I think you will be totally thrilled at how much style you can get for so little.  Click here to check out  everything they have to offer. 
And tell me, are you inspired?

*All photos credited to Spool No.72*
*Click on any image to purchase*


  1. I am in love with many of their dresses. Many of their dresses. But, is it just me or do they look a little short? What am I supposed to wear under a pretty dress so my undergarments don't show? Help me fashion mavens! Help me because I want those teeny tiny dresses!

  2. Shannon, They do look short but they are 32 inches in length which I think would be about mid thigh. And girl, with your legs, you can totally pull it off. Trust me!!! Thanks for reading.

  3. I thought I left a comment! I love that white woven bracelet, I also found another one on the website I just might get! Thanks for always sharing. I love so much on this website. I want to get out of wearing jeans all the time but not sure how to pull off any other looks. What do you think?

  4. I do love all things vintage I get lost on Etsy searching through fun finds, it's like treasure!
    I think Im going to love that site! Thanks for sharing:) You always brighten my day!

  5. It totally might be my computer but I can't get the link to work?

  6. Sunday, I know you can pull off these looks! Nothing wrong with jeans but I know how it is to wear them all the time. With your dresses and skirts, its all about the accessories, especially your shoes/boots. And if you are uncomfortable with the length of a dress, leggings are a nice option if done correctly.

  7. Becky,
    Thanks so much and I too LOVE Etsy. I just looked into the link and it seems that there is something going on with their site. Hopefully it will be up soon. I know you are gonna love it!!

  8. cool I will look back later! It looks awesome!

  9. Drooling.

    I have officially bookmarked that site.

    I want.

    It all.