31 January 2011

I ♥ Etsy

Sometimes I spend hours looking through this amazing site.  It is so wonderful to see so much creativity in the world. 
Here are some things on Etsy that I am loving right now!

A sweet mini suede bag from Marketa New York.
 Photo: Etsy

This scarf wrap from Scout & Catalogue
makes my heart skip a beat.
 Photos: Etsy

Oh this rug!! This gorgeous handmade rug from Ladies & Gentlemen!!!
Photos: Etsy

You must take a peek at these amazing down filled baby sleep sacks 
from Lone Pine Designs.  They are luxurious and oh so lovely!
 Photos: Etsy

This bag from Valhalla is perfect.
I love grey and gold together.  It's so unexpected and so gorgeous!
Photos: Esty

How about this chunky ring from Gala?
Photos: Etsy

*Click on any image to purchase*

I could spend days filling this post with gorgeous things from Etsy!
So, what are you loving right now?



  1. Oh Margaret I love the way you say things! And I love Etsy so much too, Confession-sometimes I just sit and watch the news feed!
    I love looking at all the vintage stuff too, so fun! LOVE that rug! and woohoo for the Snuggledown!

  2. I'll take one of each! That scarf is especially gorgeous!

  3. I love your finds on Etsy! There is so much talent out there...you are awesome at finding these beauties. I too just love the scarf!

  4. Etsy is my favorite place to go when I'm avoiding work. I can browse happily for hours on end! I love the scarf you've chosen and that ring is a must!

  5. Once again, I love all of it! You are making me want to go on an etsy treasure hunt myself! I am amazed by that scarf. I want it so bad.

  6. Oh no! You're making me want to shop! I especially like the mini suede bag. Sigh...