04 February 2011

Flowers or Chocolate?

What am I wishing for this Valentine's?  Flowers?  No thanks!  Chocolates?  Hmmm... maybe if one of these beauties is inside the chocolate when I bite into it.  That would be a very big piece of chocolate!  Yeah I'm ok with that.  Here are a couple things on my Valentine's wish list.

How sweet is this calendar with different lyrics for every month
 Photos: The Wild Unknown

I absolutely adore this bracelet from Col. Littleton, especially with 
my sweetie's name on it!

Loving these mugs from Jessica Rust Designs.
What a sweet reminder to go with my morning coffee.
Photo: Jessica Rust Designs

Oooh, maybe a little something for my right hand.
This ring by Blanca Monros Gomez from
Thistle & Clover makes my heart go pitter pat.
Photo: Thistle & Clover 

What's on your wish list this Valentine's Day?


  1. i told you before but growing up we used to have those leather bracelets with our horses names on them. That was huge in the horse world. I wonder where mine are? Love that ring! those mugs are divine!

  2. Sunday,
    That just makes me love that bracelet even more. Thanks for reading!!

  3. The mugs are a must have. Perfect!

  4. I love, love, love those calendars!!!