14 February 2011

Hot Date?

Since having a baby, dates are few and far between and this Valentine's day is no different.  But if I was going out on a hot date with the hubs tonight, I would definitely be wearing this...

 Photo Credit: Mina Stone

Photo Credit: Piperlime

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

Photo Credit: Chanel

Photo Credit: Honey in the Rough

Are you going out tonight?  What are you wearing?  
And if you are staying in like me, what do you wish you were wearing for a night out?
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


  1. oh girl I know those red soled shoes. I dream of shoes with red soles! Love your outfit. Wear it even though you aren't going out!

  2. I only wish I were going out! I am however, wearing a lovely bracelet by an up and coming designer - Casey Alexander (my five year old son). Must admit, it is the first piece in a very large collection of kid-made jewelry that I actually think is pretty fabulous.

  3. I love that you did the complete outfit thing! even the nail polish...so cute! I wish I was wearing that, considering I am reading this in my pj's

  4. I'd wear that ring on a hot date with myself! Love the whole outfit too!

  5. There was no hot Valentine's date for me either! How sad, but daydreaming about the perfect outfit is almost as good. Maybe I will plan it for next year (when I'll hopefully be feeling a little more romantic and a little less pregnant!) Those shoes are totally hot. And I can definitely picture you rocking that dress, Margaret!

  6. I am loving those gorgeous earrings!