23 February 2011

That's a Wrap

Need a sarong?  How about a light blanket to travel with on the plane?  A scarf or wrap for chilly nights?  How about all these things in one?  You got it!  Leigh & Luca have gorgeous wraps that do all this and more.  They are not only beautiful but made on antique wooden looms using the highest quality cashmere, silks, and cottons.  Here are a few that I wouldn't mind wrapping up in. 

All Photos Credited to: Leigh & Luca

How about you?  How will you wear yours?


  1. I found one on the website called Fly Away with a flock of teal birds flying across it. I want. Badly.

    I also want to invite all the models to my home and feed them. Poor little twigs. A good wind and they too may fly away!

  2. Love the wrap and hat combo. Too cute! I have a weakness for wraps.

  3. This scarf/wrap addict must have one of those beauties!