24 March 2011

Get Egg-cited

OK so I have to admit that I am a tiny bit obsessive when it comes to my refrigerator.  I do not like having any cardboard or styrofoam in the fridge.  So all eggs come out of the carton, all drinks, butter sticks, you name it.  My hubby always says that you cannot visually merchandise the fridge, but I have to disagree.  My little sister bought me this awesome item and I love it. 

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Isn't it so sweet? 
It fits right into the door and makes my eggs look so special.
Thanks little sis! :)
Now that I've shared one of my many quirks,
is there anything you are a little obsessive about? 


  1. I have to see your fridge! That is awesome that your style extends to even there. I simply cannot think of an obsession I have had that has lasted long enough to remember...I should ask Jeremiah he might be more aware of my crazies:)

  2. Umm...a "little bit" obsessive about your fridge?? ;) But really, I'm jealous, because your fridge always looks SO amazing (unless we've been there for a few days). What am I obsessive about? My kids playroom. Since I used to be a preschool teacher, everything has to be in it's place - toys in the right container, each container on the right shelf, etc. Poor Addie! It is still a work in progress but I like order in there!