09 March 2011

Meet me at the Market

Are you looking for some new pieces that have a little edge?  Well look no further than Mikkat Market.  Their pieces are effortlessly stylish, and so so affordable.  There are new items every week so you can always find something new.  And did I mention that the prices are unbelievable?  Trust me, you are gonna want to start shopping!!

*All photos credited to Mikkat Market*
*Click on any image above to purchase*

There is so much more to see on their website.  So check them out here, and shop for great pieces without breaking the bank.
What could be better than that?


  1. I get so excited when I see you've got a new post in my blog reader. You always find such unique and beautiful pieces. Thanks for teaching me all about fashion! Any chance you can find me a fun, long, edgy hair style to go with some of these clothes?

  2. Shannon,
    So glad you look forward to the posts! Hmmmm, well bangs can give a bit of edge...
    All you need is a flat iron in the am for your bangs only and your hair is done!

  3. You kill me! I hate shopping because I don't like to hunt for things but with you it's effortless. I can't think of one thing you find that I wouldn't love to own! Now I just have to land a job photographing for each company and maybe they'll just give me the pieces. Well my fingers are crossed at least.

    Love the inspiration you bring!

    Oh and have you seen the eye wear at Warby Parker? http://www.warbyparker.com/womens-eyewear It's crazy affordable and believe it or not I found them in Vogue!